Left, right, centre – life unfolds quickly in the blink of an eye. We need to pay attention, with some sense of urgency at times, as the moments are fleeting. Each of us have a story to tell – our experiences, our passions, our dreams and the nuggets of wisdom we have picked up along the way. We are here to witness each other’s existence and learn from each other. This blog was conceived with the intention of sharing life’s little moments as I travel this trek..one photograph, one story at a time.


Pleasant Surprise at Minnekhada Regional Park (c) Rozelle Marie Latorre

Pleasant Surprise at Minnekhada Regional Park
(c) Rozelle Marie Latorre


7 thoughts on “About

  1. What a beautiful website. You’ve captured the essence of the moment by taking beautiful pictures and gave us a glance at how you felt when you took the picture. Love the quotes as it really makes you think about what life is all about and that we should be here to help and support one another in our journey before God takes us home. Great job! ;o)


  2. In hibernation, i took a look at your blog and I felt pride. I have someone here whose totally gifted with sensitivity, words and sight. The pictures are awesome and the captions are so poetic that they touch the heart. Truly, you would never appreciate something until you miss it,,,

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    • I feel your absence but at the same time, I respect and understand it without necessarily knowing the details. I’m glad to hear from you if only to know that you are okey. You know where to find me. And thank you for this. You don’t know how much it means ❤


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